Where To Find a Wedding Singer in the UK

Where To Find a Wedding Singer in the UK

If you are looking to hire a singer or band for your wedding there are plenty of places to look for.

One of them is ThumbTack

They are like the local pages for wedding singers and not just in the US, they also cover the UK and many other English speaking countries. They easily sort it based on the reviews the singers received, and their profiles are updated based on pricing, genre, and anything else that matters.

Another one is Alive Network

They operate in pretty much the same way as Thumbtack though I prefer Alive Network as the site looks a lot cleaner, more organized, and easier to find a band or singer of my choice without first having to enter any details. Especially when doing research for an article like this I don’t want to enter my ZIP code to get access to some entertainers, I want direct access to them and that’s what Alive Network provides.

Third on our list Gig Masters

They only feature wedding singers from the US, so if you live anywhere else this site won’t be very useful to you. With a total of 379 bands/artists across the US it won’t be hard to find a suitable musician for your wedding and as it’s easily sorted on costs it won’t take you much time either. Just make sure you read some of the reviews before actually booking one.

LMMUK gets the fourth Spot

I was just searching in Google and right below LLMUK I found one of the best wedding singers in Staffordshire, which happens to be the one I hired for my own wedding two decades ago. James really knows what he’s doing so it’s no surprise that he’s ranking right there at the top among the rest of them.

Summing It Up

As you can see, a quick Google search reveals a lot so it shouldn’t take you much effort to boost your wedding and turn it into a great after-party. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer as well simply apply the same technique, enter something like best wedding singer, where you replace the word singer with photographer and there you go.

Tons of sites to choose from and thousands of artists to sort on. Within an hour you should be settled with one of the best singers your country has to offer so go ahead and try it for yourself to see how easy it really is.

How To Succeed As An Independent Contractor

How To Succeed As An Independent Contractor

The industry of independent contractors has attracted very many people who want to enjoy their freedom on how they carry out their daily activities. There are some who are making it on this field while others still find it hard to make ends meet. When most people start a business, their aim is to make profits but the truth is that not everyone lives to see their dreams come true. Maintaining a business takes patience and perseverance even when there are obstacles on the way. The following are some of the tips on how to run a successful business as an independent contractor.

Invest in the right tools

The nature of the tools that you use will determine the outcome whenever you are handling a task. For instance, if you are an electrician buy all the tools that will produce the best quality of work. Such tools do not have to be sophisticated but just ensure that you get the work done. You can start small and upgrade as you establish yourself on your niche. You can even hire some tools for work if you do not have enough cash during your early days. You can consult experts to guide you during your first selection to ensure that you land on the best.

Market yourself

Do not be the skilled guy who does not know how to look for business. You must have a way to make people know what you offer and why you are the best in your area. Take advantage of the digital space and market yourself on social media because it is very effective. If you are new on this space, check out some of the leading brands on your space to determine the type of content that they post. Formulate a strategy that you can easily follow and stick to it until it pays off.

Apply for all the legal documents

Every customer wants assurance that he or she is dealing with an expert when it comes to service delivery. The only way to gain that trust is by having the necessary identification documents at all times. Join some of the professional bodies in your niche as this also boosts your reputation as well. Work ID also comes in handy as people will know who they are dealing with and gain more trust. The process of looking for a designer can be so much involving and costly. Good news is that you can create your own photo ID badge using ready frames and save time.

Network with the right people

You need the right network to succeed in this competitive world. You can keep your circles small but just ensure that you have the right contacts that you can dial and get help. There are some tasks that may require collaboration with other people and you should be ready to share with others as well. Never let an opportunity slide past you just because you do not have a contact person. Ensure that those within your circles share the same dreams as you.

Instagram Growth Hacks for Actors

Instagram Growth Hacks for Actors

Every serious actor is on Instagram. You should be on this platform if you want to take your acting career to the next level. Why? Well, more than 1 billion people are using Instagram every month. What this implies is that you can get the exposure to need to attract deals. But, you have to do things right. These tips will  help you set the ball rolling;

Get the Followers

Yes – this is where it all starts. You must have an audience to get noticed. So, come up with a strategy to get the numbers on your side. One of the easiest ways to get you off the ground is to buy real Instagram followers. See, drawing an Instagram audience isn’t the simplest of tasks. Plus, it takes a lot of time to get people to follow you naturally. Don’t worry about getting banned – you only need to purchase followers periodically. The best part? Your target audience will start to follow you once you begin to grow your numbers. Think of it as a  plan to build your following organically.

Post Consistently

Okay, you may have the followers, but people want to read posts on your feed. One of the easiest ways to lose followers is to be inconsistent with your posting. Prepare your content early enough to allow you to post at least once or twice every day. Consider scheduling your posts so that your feed can remain active even when you’re not active on your account for a few days. More than that, posting on a regular basis enables you to create the engagement you need to keep your audience following you.

Try Videos

Instagram is not a place to share photos only anymore. The platform has new features that allow you to do more than upload your photographs. So, be sure to use functions such as live videos and Stories to engage your audience. Statistics show that you’re likely to draw attention on Instagram if you add videos to your content. Go “live” to appear at the front of your Stories feed. Why?  Well, more than 400 million Instagrammers use Stories on a daily basis.

Use Quality Hashtags

Sure, you can use tags on most social media platforms. However, there’s no place they’re more crucial than on Instagram. With the location-specific hashtags, for instance, you can reach a wider audience within your area. Tags can also help you stay ahead of your competition by getting you more exposure.

Even though Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags for every post, limit yourself to nine to create the maximum engagement.

Share Valuable Content

Your audience needs to learn something from your posts. So, take time to think through your content.  In other words, give your followers a reason to keep following you can most importantly visit your feed regularly. Also, share user-generated content. That way, you will connect with your audience better.

Reach Out to Others

Collaborate with other actors to expand your reach and growth. You can do this through sponsorships and partnerships.  Consider using the influencer marketing strategy if you have the money to spend. Sponsor your posts to attract more attention from potential clients and followers.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the “hottest” social media platforms to be on right now. And, it keeps pulling more users by the day. So, if you don’t have an account, create one as soon as you can and start to establish yourself as an actor to reckon with. Keep learning and discovering new ways to build your brand and how to make the most out of your leads.