Where To Find a Wedding Singer in the UK

Where To Find a Wedding Singer in the UK

If you are looking to hire a singer or band for your wedding there are plenty of places to look for.

One of them is ThumbTack

They are like the local pages for wedding singers and not just in the US, they also cover the UK and many other English speaking countries. They easily sort it based on the reviews the singers received, and their profiles are updated based on pricing, genre, and anything else that matters.

Another one is Alive Network

They operate in pretty much the same way as Thumbtack though I prefer Alive Network as the site looks a lot cleaner, more organized, and easier to find a band or singer of my choice without first having to enter any details. Especially when doing research for an article like this I don’t want to enter my ZIP code to get access to some entertainers, I want direct access to them and that’s what Alive Network provides.

Third on our list Gig Masters

They only feature wedding singers from the US, so if you live anywhere else this site won’t be very useful to you. With a total of 379 bands/artists across the US it won’t be hard to find a suitable musician for your wedding and as it’s easily sorted on costs it won’t take you much time either. Just make sure you read some of the reviews before actually booking one.

LMMUK gets the fourth Spot

I was just searching in Google and right below LLMUK I found one of the best wedding singers in Staffordshire, which happens to be the one I hired for my own wedding two decades ago. James really knows what he’s doing so it’s no surprise that he’s ranking right there at the top among the rest of them.

Summing It Up

As you can see, a quick Google search reveals a lot so it shouldn’t take you much effort to boost your wedding and turn it into a great after-party. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer as well simply apply the same technique, enter something like best wedding singer, where you replace the word singer with photographer and there you go.

Tons of sites to choose from and thousands of artists to sort on. Within an hour you should be settled with one of the best singers your country has to offer so go ahead and try it for yourself to see how easy it really is.

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